A Battle Hymn For Fitness Ropes
Let’s get physical.Let’s talk fitness.You know that we make ropes so we like to get ropes involved in everything we do. Yes… Everything. Aside from just our fascination for ropes and our mission to sell them to you, we also sincerely believe that fitness ropes like Battle Ropes and Jump Ropes are great tools to get more fit. Personal trainers, doctors, and scientists also agree …
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5 Water Facts No One Ever Talks About When It Comes To Trees
5 Water Facts No One Ever Talks About When It Comes To TreesHave you ever heard of Resurrection Bushes? Do you know why some trees have waxy leaves or hairy leaves? Do you know when recycling is actually bad for the environment?If you read on you will know the answers to all of these questions, and also learn a few more weird facts about trees and water. Welcome to the weird wo …
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​The Stripped Down Basics Of Tree Rigging Systems
The sun is out today and we are preparing to end another week here in beautiful Southern California. We notice that when the nice weather comes out, we get more people reaching out about tree work.We have talked a good amount on this blog about arboriculture and tree climbing, but perhaps we have neglected the subject of tree rigging. It might just be the perfect time to fix th …
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