• Three Strand Nylon

    Pelican Rope

    3 Strand Nylon Rope


    SKU Diameter NY*080 1/4" NY*100 5/16" NY*120 3/8" NY*160 1/2" NY*200 5/8" NY*240 3/4" NY*320 1"   Pelican’s 3 strand nylon is an effective, all-purpose shock absorbent rope. High strength and elasticity. Recommended for...

  • Solid Braid Nylon

    Pelican Rope

    20 Strand Solid Braid Nylon Rope


    SKU Diameter Length SBN-16 1/2" 600' SBN-20 5/8" 400'   Nylon has great elasticity and memory under loads and resists rot, mildew, mold and most chemicals. Nylon has a melting point at 496° F and a loss of strength at 248° F...

  • Solid Braid Nylon

    Pelican Rope

    12 Strand Solid Braid Nylon Rope


    SKU Diameter Length SBN-08 1/4" 1,200' SBN-10 5/16" 1,200' SBN-12 3/8" 600'   Nylon has great elasticity and memory under loads and resists rot, mildew, mold and most chemicals. Nylon has a melting point at 496° F and a loss of...

  • Solid Braid Nylon

    Pelican Rope

    3/16" - 9 Strand Solid Braid Nylon Rope


    Nylon has great elasticity and memory under loads and resists rot, mildew, mold and most chemicals. Nylon has a melting point at 496° F and a loss of strength at 248° F. Benefits & Features Stronger than Polypropylene Durable Abrasion...

  • Double Braid Nylon

    Pelican Rope

    Double Braid Nylon Rope


    SKU Diameter Tensile Strength (lb) 2E-080 1/4” 1,850 2E-100 5/16” 3,100 2E-120 3/8” 4,600 2E-140 7/16” 7,000 2E-160 1/2" 8,500 2E-180 9/16” 11,000 2E-200 5/8” 15,000 2E-240 3/4” 21,000 ...

  • 12 Strand Single Braid - Nylon

    Pelican Rope

    N-12™ Nylon 12 Strand Rope


    SKU Diameter 7NY-100 5/16" 7NY-160 1/2" 7NY-200 5/8" 7NY-240 3/4" 7NY-320 1" 7NY-360 1 1/8" 12 strand nylon or 12 plait, offers excellent strength and shock mitigation in a single braid construction. It offers greater elongation and...

  • High Force Composite Cable Pulling Rope

    Pelican Rope

    Composite Load Pro™ High Force Pulling Rope


    SKU Diameter Tensile Strength (lb) Weight Per 100FT (lb) 4N-080 1/4" 2,700 1.9 4N-120 3/8" 5,900 4.5 4N-160 1/2" 10,000 7.7 4N-180 9/16" 12,200 9.6 4N-200 5/8" 16,000 13.1 4N-240 3/4" 25,000 17.2 4N-280 7/8" 35,000 22.5 4N-320 1"...

  • Personal Escape Rope

    Pelican Rope

    7.5mm - Escape Pro™ Personal Escape Rope


    Pelican’s personal escape rope is a durable kernmantle construction that is produced with a strong polyester cover over shock absorbing nylon. Although ideal for rescue operations, as a smaller diameter its high tensile strength is ideal for...

  • Static Kernmantle Rappelling Rope

    Pelican Rope

    Static Master™ Static Kernmantle Rappelling Rope


    SKU Diameter MBS (lb) Weight Per 100FT (lb) NFPA ANSI 2WP-12 3/8" 6,214 4.6 Technical No 2WP-14 7/16" 7,652 5.7 Technical No 2WP-16 1/2" 9,901 7.5 General Yes 2WP-20 5/8" 11,046 10.8 General Yes   Pelican Rope’s static...

  • Kernmantle Composite Accessory Cord

    Pelican Rope

    Accessory Cord


    SKU Diameter Tensile Strength (lb) Weight Per 100FT (lb) 1S-08 1/4" 2,950 2.3 1S-10 5/16" 3,700 3.1   This versatile kernmantle composite rope has a shock absorbent nylon core and a high abrasion resistant polyester cover that is...

  • Technora® Prusik Line

    Pelican Rope

    Technora® Prusik Line


      SKU Diameter Tensile Strength (lb) Weight Per 100FT (lb) 1S-08T 1/4" 2,900 2.2 1S-11T 11/32" 6,000 3.8   This Technora® over nylon core rope is the original high strength no-melt prusik line. Technora is eight times stronger...

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What Are Some Benefits To Using Nylon Rope?

Nylon is an extraordinary material known for both its strength and elasticity. Nylon rope is especially ideal for shock absorption as its stretch/elasticity can double the stretch of polyester. While nylon is not completely water-resistant, its break strength remains relatively high when it is wet compared to many other materials. Nylon is traditionally used in towing, lifting, mooring, and anchoring lines, we have also found that nylon has some excellent applications in constructing arborist ropes, especially when used as a core. Nylon cord is resistant to abrasion, mildew, UV Rays, and common chemicals.

Pelican Rope offers pure nylon ropes designed to be used as towing or dock lines, as well as arborist ropes constructed with nylon cores and polyester covers.

What Are Some Of Pelican Ropes Most Popular Nylon Ropes?

Some of our most popular nylon ropes are arborist ropes, made with a super stretchy nylon core and a polyester cover added to increase rope strength. Pelican Rope is a pioneer in our innovative use of nylon in the core of arborist ropes and customers all over the world know us for our groundbreaking inventions in this area.

The Tree Viper - The Tree Viper is one of our signature ropes, popular in the arborist industry for its unique features. With its nylon core, The Tree Viper eliminates the need for milking, which reduces hand cramping even in extremely rigorous climbs. Meanwhile, The Tree Viper’s polyester cover increases its strength and resistance to abrasion. This is a double braided nylon rope, which means that The Tree Viper also has limited drag.

Some Of The Tree Viper’s Features:

  • Designed For Rigorous Climbs With Arborists In Mind
  • Climbers Enjoy This Rope For Its Soft/Supple Qualities
  • Can Be Used For Single Rope Or Double Rope Technique
  • The Nylon Core Eliminates Rope Milking and Hand Cramping
  • Can Be Also Be Used In Mountain Climbing, Canyons, And Caves

The Matador Bull Rope - With the growing popularity of The Tree Viper, Pelican Rope set out to make a bull rope that shares some of the properties that make The Tree Viper Popular. The Matador’s Nylon Core makes it more durable than other bull ropes with a heavier core, cutting costs for customers who are used to replacing their bull ropes frequently. A Polyester cover and urethane coating protects The Matador from both abrasion and UV Rays. These ropes are also available as shorts, and can be easily spliced.

Some Of The Matador’s Features:

  • Made To Be Fully Spliceable
  • More Durable Rope Than Competitors’ Bull Ropes
  • Constructed With A Polyester Cover And Nylon Cor
  • The Matador can be bought in ¾” diameter or ⅝” diameter
  • An Innovative Bull Rope Designed For Arborist Rigging In Mind
  • Urethane Coating Adds Resistance To Sunlight, Abrasion, And Chemicals

What Are Some Uses For Pure Nylon Rope?

Rope made of pure nylon is used for many applications where shock absorption is of a high priority as it is best known for its stretchability. Both Double Braided Nylon Ropes and 3 Strand Nylon Ropes are great for docking lines because they have high stretch and fairly high strength when wet.

Otherwise, Double Braided Nylon Rope is a good “all-purpose” type of rope. It is easily spliceable and has some great everyday applications.

Common Uses For Double Braided Nylon Rope:

  • Dock Lines
  • Dog Leashes
  • Mooring Lines
  • Recovery Ropes
  • Decorative Rope

Common Uses For 3 Strand Nylon Rope:

  • Dock Lines
  • Anchor Ropes
  • Backyard Swings
  • Securing Boats And Cargo

Note that Pelican Rope also carries 12 Strand Nylon Rope for heavy-duty applications and is available by the mile as needed.

What Are Some Uses For Nylon In Arborist Ropes?

Pelican Rope uses Nylon cores in many of our arborist ropes. Nylon makes arborist ropes more elastic than ropes made with pure polyester. Our Tree Viper climbing rope, Arborist 16, and Arborist 24 ropes are all constructed with a nylon core and designed specifically with tree climbing in mind. The nylon core makes climbing less strenuous.

In addition to those tree-climbing ropes, we also offer the popular Matador Bull Rope for arborists, which is known for its unique durability. This rope is easily spliceable and its durability means that it needs to be replaced far less often than our competitors’ bull ropes.

What Are Some Uses For Nylon In Rescue Ropes?

Rescue Rope needs to be extra tough for those situations where the climbers’ life is at stake and they need to be thinking quickly. Pelican Ropes’ Static Master II Kernmantle Rescue Rope and Escape Pro Personal Escape rope are designed with extra strength for these types of scenarios. Like some of our arborist ropes, these ropes are all made with a nylon core for increased elasticity and a polyester cover for increased strength.

Who Is Pelican Rope?

Pelican Rope is a leading manufacturer and distributor of ropes in Santa Ana, California. For over 40 years, Pelican Rope has provided customers with innovative products and reliable service. Pelican Rope is known for pushing the industry in innovation, with signature ropes, such as the Matador, The Tree Viper, The Ape, and The Arborist. We specialize in ropes for tree climbing, rescue work, boating, and industrial applications.

Pelican Rope is proud to offer selections of rope made with Nylon. Nylon is remarkable for its high stretch, and high strength. Nylon is used in docking, anchoring, and mooring operations because it maintains much of its strength when it is wet. Nylon also has ideal applications in tree climbing, towing, rescue, general tie down, and decorative applications.

Our customers rely on us to provide them with the highest quality products and exceptional service. Check us out and see why Pelican Rope is the Most Trusted Name In Rope.

Pelican Rope is an ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturer of high performance synthetic and specialty rope products, rope lanyards, slings and custom rope assemblies. For over 40 years our devotion to innovation, quality and customer service has yielded a diverse UL Certified product line designed to not only meet or exceed the standards established by the Cordage Institute, the U.S. Military, ASTM and NFPA but more importantly, the expectations of our loyal customers in the commercial, industrial, arborist, fire and rescue, law enforcement, manufacturing and marine industries.

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