Assemblies & Lanyards

  • The Pelican Leash Lanyard

    Pelican Rope

    The Pelican Leash Lanyard

    $198.28 - $202.99

    The Pelican Leash Lanyard is a high-strength, lightweight positioning lanyard for working at heights or confined spaces. The 32-strand kernmantle construction is virtually non-stretch, has a smooth cover, and is abrasion-resistant and cut-resistant (to...


  • 2 in 1 flipline

    Pelican Rope

    The Red-3™ 2-in-1 Prusik Positioning Lanyard

    $79.99 - $109.99

    This three-headed, 2-in-1 positioning lanyard offers a better solution for work positioning than traditional positioning lanyards. Its built-in prusik allows for ascending without the need to detach from the tree; adding efficiency, ease, and security...


  • Positioning Strap

    Pelican Rope

    Buckstrap Positioning Lanyard

    $56.99 - $62.99

    Our Buckstrap Positioning Lanyard is made from a 16 strand construction that features a polyester sheath over a nylon core. The buckstrap lanyard's built-it prusik simplifies your work load as it is easy to adjust. Its easy adjustment makes the buckstrap...


  • Work Positioning Lanyard

    Pelican Rope

    Utili-Tree™ Flip Line

    $124.99 - $132.99

    This versatile non-wire core flip line is the ideal solution for arborists working near electrical hazards where wire core flip lines are not an option. If you work at high altitudes in trees or on utility lines, this flip line is the right fit. Our...


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Lanyards & Assemblies- Tree Climbing Lanyard, Flipline, Positioning Lanyard

Pelican Rope specializes in selling lanyards. The lanyard category includes ropes, other types of cording, and saddles. In addition to selling lanyards as individual items, we carry a large selection of assemblies that include lanyards and other essential elements of a climbing system packaged together.

These assemblies are put together to make your life easier, saving you the headache of searching out what you need separately. We carry a ton of different types of assemblies to fit your needs, from fliplines and positioning lanyard to tree climbing lanyard assemblies and other types of arborist equipment.

What Are Some Types Of Lanyard?

Breaking down types of lanyard can be a bit overwhelming, especially with so many terms that mean pretty much the same thing as each other. Sometimes terms are interchangeable, and other times the differences can be pretty subtle.

A Few Kinds Of Lanyard:

  • Flipline- A Type Of Braided Line Designed For Vertical Climbing
  • Steel Core Lanyard- A Common Flipline WIth A Core Made Of Steel
  • Positioning Lanyard- Cords Designed To Hold A Climber In One Place
  • Adjustable Work Lanyard- Positioning Lanyard That Is Easily Adjusted
  • Lineman’s Rope- A Term For Positioning Lanyard Popular For Hunters

What Are Some Of The Most Popular Lanyard Assemblies?

Our Lanyard Kits are available with a ton of different added hardware, including rope grabs and a variety of different types of carabiners and hooks to link up your assembly to other parts of a lanyard system. Many of our lanyards are specially designed arborist fliplines, but we also have some assemblies designed to go with a tower climbing belt.

Removable Better Grab Arborist Flipline Kits-

This kit includes our unique and game-changing, fully removable rope grab. The fact that the model of the Better Grab line is removable, means that you can take it off of your line without the added stress of cutting lines apart to remove tension.

Features Of Removable Better Grab Arborist Flipline Kits:

  • Swivel Eye Construction
  • A Large Thumb Rest For Precise Control
  • A Sturdy Flipline With A Wire Core And Easy To Hold Polyester Cover
  • Removable Rope Grabs Can Be Easily Detached From A Rigging System

All In One Flipline Kits:

We offer this kit, which includes a 16 strand flipline, an aluminum mini rope grab, and a copper head carabiner. This assembly is popular as it includes all of the necessary components of a flipline setup

Features Of The All In One Flipline Kit:

  • Features A Swivel Eye End
  • Mini Rope Grab Is Made With Solid Aluminum
  • 16 Strand Flipline Has A Wire Core And Polyester Cover
  • An All In One Kit- Includes Rope Grab, Line, And Carabiner

What Types Of Positioning Lanyards Are Available?

Pelican Rope offers many different Position Lanyards designed specifically for arborists as well as tower climbing position lanyards. General-purpose arborist positioning lanyards are available with added features such as rope grabs, carabiners, and snap hooks. Pure nylon positioning lanyards designed specifically for tree trimming are also available.

For tower climbing or pole positioning, the Better Grab 3 Positioning Lanyard is available with a Rebar Hook or an Aluminum Snap Hook. Both options include a revolutionary, fully removable rope grab.

The Tower Positioning line of lanyards are available with a carabiner, snap hook, rebar hook depending on your needs. These cords are made with a tough nylon core and soft polyester cover.

Pelican Rope also offers several variants of positioning line with our lightweight and compact E-Z Move Rope Grab with an ergonomic design for precise control. Lanyards with this unique rope brake are available in both arborist and tower climbing lanyard setups.
What Are Some Other Fliplines, Lanyards, & Assemblies Available?

We have many other types of lanyards and lanyard assemblies available. Tree stand ropes are popular pieces of arborist equipment. We carry various slings, lifelines, lines with prusik hitches, and lines designed for boating.

A Few Examples Of Other Lines And Lanyards Available:

  • Vertical Lifelines
  • Slings With Dead Eyes
  • Rings With Friction Savers
  • Cords With Prusiks Hitches
  • Double Braided Anchoring Line & Dock Lines For Boating

Meet Pelican Rope...

Pelican Rope is a leading manufacturer and distributor of ropes in Santa Ana, California. For over 40 years, Pelican Rope has provided customers with innovative products and reliable service. Pelican Rope is known for pushing the industry in innovation, with signature ropes, such as the Matador, The Tree Viper, The Ape, and The Arborist. We specialize in ropes for tree climbing, rescue work, boating, industrial applications, and marining.

Pelican Rope offers many different types of lanyard and lanyard assemblies for a vast array of uses. Many of our popular lanyards are designed for arborists and tree climbers, but we also offer safety lines, and lanyards designed for boating applications. Our assemblies include various types of essential hardware such as hooks and carabiners and rope brakes.

Our customers rely on us to provide them with the highest quality products and exceptional service. Check us out and see why Pelican Rope is the Most Trusted Name In Rope.

Pelican Rope is an ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturer of high performance synthetic and specialty rope products, rope lanyards, slings and custom rope assemblies. For over 40 years our devotion to innovation, quality and customer service has yielded a diverse UL Certified product line designed to not only meet or exceed the standards established by the Cordage Institute, the U.S. Military, ASTM and NFPA but more importantly, the expectations of our loyal customers in the commercial, industrial, arborist, fire and rescue, law enforcement, manufacturing and marine industries.

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