Splice Of Life - Presenting A New Guide For Splicing Double Braid Ropes
For those of you who are searching out how to splice rope, you have come to the right spot. Here at Pelican Rope, we like talking about ropes and splicing is sort of a passion project in our corner of the world.While we always recommend seeking out professional guidance on any alterations made to ropes (especially if you are using them for work or heavy-duty applications), we …
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​The Lucky 13 Tips & Factors For Bidding And Pricing Tree Work
If you are an arborist, you know that pricing tree work can prove to be a pretty advanced skill in itself. You need to make sure that you are striking the right balance between avoiding underpricing and overpricing.You need to make sure that all of your expenses are paid, that you have a little money to invest in growing your business, and that you are making some money to keep …
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The Top 6 Best Gifts For Arborists For Special Occasions
Arborists are their own breed of human, so what are the best gifts for arborists?Well the answer is you look at our guide on arborist gifts, of course! We are going to talk about the best gifts for tree climbers which will (hopefully) make him a happy tree person.With a couple of exceptions, we are gonna be staying away from the more obvious arborist gear choices and talking mo …
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