Golden Lion Tamarins Love Our Gear
We were here in our office fighting off a mid-week slump when something awesome happened. The Toronto Zoo sent us over a video of the golden lion tamarins in their care enjoying a swing that was set up with High Force Composite Ropes that we donated to their facility not too long ago. We know this made all of us smile and we hope that it makes you smile too! …
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​Top 10 Tree Work Hazards Every Arborist Should Know
Top 10 Tree Work Hazards Every Arborist Should KnowIt is no secret that Tree Work is dangerous. Climbing into trees with sharp tools, sometimes hundreds of feet into the air, is not for the faint of heart.If you are an Arborist, you already know the risks of this type of work. It is likely that you have already seen injuries on the job.If you are looking into becoming an Arbori …
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A Beginner’s Guide To Swift Water Rescue Ropes And Gear
If you are getting ready to train for Swift Water Rescue, you are going to need a lot of gear just to get your foot in the door. We know that this can be overwhelming, so we put together a short guide on some of the essentials.After you go through this guide, we recommend contacting any institute that may be providing your training, or an expert in water rescue. Related: A …
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