• Bulletproof Bent-Gate Carabiner


    Bulletproof Bent-Gate Carabiner


    Edelrid's Bulletproof Bent Hybrid Carabiner includes a sturdy steel insert. It has excellent resistance against wear and its keylock feature gives additional security. You can use this hardware with confidence. Strong Lightweight Easy-to-Use Wear...

  • Bulletproof Screw-Gate Carabiner


    Bulletproof Screw-Gate Carabiner


    Edelrid's Bulletproof Screw is a small and sturdy carabiner. It's perfect for use with belay devices and clips easily into these types of systems. It's excellent in terms of personal protection and made of premium materials. Strong...

  • Forged Modified-D Aluminum Carabiner


    Forged Modified-D Aluminum Carabiner


    Get what you need at work with this ANSI and CE marked Modified D Carabiner. The triple action key lock mechanism gives you all of the security you are looking for while its anodized aluminum construction will provide increased resistance to corrosion...

  • Twist Lock I-Beamer Carabiner


    Twist Lock I-Beamer Carabiner


    The ProClimb® I-Beamer Big D Carabiner is a quintessential part of any fall protection system. It is better known for its larger gate opening, high-strength, and tapered keylock. This ANSI & NFPA version features your choice of twist-locking or...

  • Twist Lock I-Beamer Lite Carabiner


    Twist Lock I-Beamer Lite Carabiner


    The ProClimb® I-Beamer Lite Big D Carabiner is an essential tool in numerous rigging systems. The I-Beamer Lite Carabiner has a larger gate opening for easier attachment. The keylock nose is designed to help resist shearing forces and achieve high...

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We Carry Carabiners - Carabiners, Climbing Hooks, Metal Clips

As part of our wide selection of hardware, Pelican Rope offers an extensive collection of carabiners and metal clips. If you are looking for a heavy-duty carabiner such as a rescue carabiner or a climbing carabiner, you will find what you need in stock. These pieces of hardware are essential elements of climbing and rigging systems, linking together ropes, lanyards, and other components in your setup.

What Are Some Factors To Think About When Choosing a Carabiner?

When you are selecting your carabiners, usually the main things to think about are what you need in terms of the shape, the type of gate, the size, and whether you want a carabiner that locks. In some cases, the materials may also be an important factor, particularly when you are thinking about strict safety standards in specific industries.

Some Basic Variations In Carabiner Designs:

  • Size
  • Shape
  • Material
  • Type Of Gate
  • Locking Vs Non-Locking

What Are The Shapes Of Climbing Carabiners & Heavy Duty Carabiners?

When choosing a carabiner for climbing, most people would go with some form of a D shaped carabiner. The D shape offers the greatest strength out of all carabiner types. Asymmetrical D Rings are great Climbing Carabiners as they provide an exceptionally strong axis. If you are looking to put a lot of gear on one carabiner, the more traditional oval shape may be better. For belaying and rappelling applications, pear-shaped carabiners are popular.

Here Is A List Of DIfferent Carabiner Shapes:

A. D Ring Carabiners

  • Popular For Climbing
  • Offer The Greatest Strength
  • Asymmetrical D Rings Provide A Strong Axis

B. Oval Shaped Carabiners

  • The Traditional Carabiner Design
  • Ideal For Putting Larger Loads On One Carabiner

C. Pear Shaped Carabiners

  • Popular For Rappelling & Belaying
  • Also Referred To As HMS Carabiners

How Do Gate Types Make A Difference In Carabiners & Metal Clips?

The type of gate that a carabiner has is another important factor when choosing which one will be best for you. Straight Gate Carabiners are multipurpose and great for putting your gear on a rack. Bent Gates help make clipping a rope easier. Wire Gates are especially ideal for cold weather conditions as they don’t freeze easily in the cold or humidity.

Here Are Some Benefits Of Different Gate Types:

  • Bent Gates Make Clipping Rope Easier
  • Straight Gates Are Multipurpose, Great For Racking Gear
  • Wire Gates Are Less Likely To Freeze In Cold Or Wet Weather

Should I Use A Locking Carabiner?

For the most part, locking gates are ideal for safety as they will prevent carabiners from opening accidentally. The main reasons for choosing non-lock carabiners are concerns about weight and time. Locking gate carabiners are heavier, which can add up on a load. If time is more of a concern than safety, using carabiners that don’t need to be unlocked may save a little bit of time when finishing a job.

While We Are On The Subject, Here Are Some Types Of Locks:

  • Screw Gates For Two Hand Use
  • Auto-Lock Gates That Lock Automatically When Closed

How Important Is The Size & Strength Of A Carabiner?

When dealing with Climbing Carabiners, strength is not always the biggest factor you may be looking at. However, if you are lifting very heavy loads on a carabiner or have other reasons to be concerned about strength, a good rule of thumb is that bigger carabiners usually have a bit more strength, though some smaller carabiners are exceptionally strong.

The size of a carabiner is also maybe obviously going to impact how heavy it is. Smaller carabiners can be more challenging to clip but they are usually lighter. That is pretty nice unless you are trying to get some weight lifting workouts in with your climb.

Meet Pelican Rope...

Pelican Rope is a leading manufacturer and distributor of ropes in Santa Ana, California. For over 40 years, Pelican Rope has provided customers with innovative products and reliable service. Pelican Rope is known for pushing the industry in innovation, with signature ropes, such as the Matador, The Tree Viper, The Ape, and The Arborist. We specialize in ropes for tree climbing, rescue work, boating, industrial applications, and marining.

Pelican Rope offers many options for carabiners and other types of connectors for lanyards and ropes. Browse our selection and you will most likely find the exact carabiner that you are looking for, whether it is a rescue carabiner or a simple climbing carabiner. Our selection includes carabiners of virtually every imaginable shape and size, with various types of locks available. Take a look around and see what you can find.

Our customers rely on us to provide them with the highest quality products and exceptional service. Check us out and see why Pelican Rope is the Most Trusted Name In Rope.

Pelican Rope is an ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturer of high performance synthetic and specialty rope products, rope lanyards, slings and custom rope assemblies. For over 40 years our devotion to innovation, quality and customer service has yielded a diverse UL Certified product line designed to not only meet or exceed the standards established by the Cordage Institute, the U.S. Military, ASTM and NFPA but more importantly, the expectations of our loyal customers in the commercial, industrial, arborist, fire and rescue, law enforcement, manufacturing and marine industries.

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