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The Best Positioner I've Found

I'm a steel rigger and climber in the entertainment industry. A positioner is essential to climbing, we work in settings similar to ironworkers or tower climbers. I had this recommended by an arborist friend and it works beautifully. You can use it a few different ways depending on your harness. I've used it with a 3 point (slinging around steel on either waist point) and a 5 point (connecting to rebar and my sternum point) harness. Absolutely love it. It's just as good if not smoother than the Petzl positioner I've used, and a third the price. If you don't require it / as distance requires, the rope guard is easily removable. Cannot recommend highly enough.

Caleb McConachie - Amazon Review

Great Item At A Great Price

I needed a more flexible positioning lanyard for tower work and this style was exactly what I was looking for. The quality is excellent, it came stamped with ratings, and an instruction manual. The claw, D-ring, and ""better grab"" were also all rated and stamped. Overall couldn't be happier with the quality. My guys love it too.

Isaac U. - Amazon Review

Worked Great!

Today was the first time I hung tree stands with a linesman strap and belt. I don’t know why I waited so long. It was much safer and so much easier to hang my tree stand.

Michael Sutherlund - Amazon Review

5 Stars

I use this as my secondary safety building transmission. It works great and I actually prefer it over some of the green colored ones that I've used that cost 3 times as much. 5 stars all day long.

Jessie Murray - Amazon Review

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