Pelican Rope’s Adjustable Dead Eye Tree Sling Will Save You Money

Durable Rope is Perfect for Girth Hitching & Lowering Branches

Santa Ana, California, June 15, 2020 — Tree workers looking for a way to save some money on a sling to lower branches and tree debris have found just what they are looking for with Pelican Rope. The company’s adjustable dead eye tree sling is made of economical polyester materials and is designed to lower branches and heavy debris on a pulley without having to use more expensive, heavier ropes. This rope makes moving junk around easy and its low price makes buying it even easier.

Pelican Rope is located in Orange County, California - the home of Disneyland, Fender guitars, and some killer rope. We developed our adjustable dead eye tree sling to meet the increasing demand from tree workers needing a cheaper rope for moving tree debris up and down a pulley. This sling has proven to be an extremely popular rope and it’s super useful for girth hitching on a tree with basic hardware. This rope will help you up your game as a branch slinger without sending you to the poor house. Everyone wants to be a hero and now it’s your turn, friend.

Pelican Rope is already known for our fast-moving and reliable services so it comes as no surprise that time and time again climbers are turning to us for all of their needs. A quick skim of company reviews will show countless people reporting that Pelican Rope’s customer service is the best in the game and that turnaround on orders is fast beyond fast. The company’s reputation has helped us continue to succeed across a ton of areas already so this Dead Eye Tree Sling is no exception. People just know that Pelican is not going to let down its customers. The Dead Eye Sling is made with 12-strand polyester and has a chafe guard and urethane coat to fight the good fight against rope abrasion. This rope is extra durable but also super easy to adjust.

Pelican Rope is a leading manufacturer and distributor of ropes in Santa Ana, California. For over 40 years, Pelican Rope has provided customers with innovative products and reliable service. Pelican Rope is known for pushing the industry in innovation, with signature ropes, such as the Matador, the Tree Viper, the Ape, and the Arborist-24. Customers rely on Pelican Rope to provide them with the highest quality products and exceptional service. Check out our products and see for yourself why Pelican Rope is the most trusted name in rope!

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