A Battle Hymn For Fitness Ropes

Let’s get physical.

Let’s talk fitness.

You know that we make ropes so we like to get ropes involved in everything we do.

Yes… Everything.

Aside from just our fascination for ropes and our mission to sell them to you, we also sincerely believe that fitness ropes like Battle Ropes and Jump Ropes are great tools to get more fit.

Personal trainers, doctors, and scientists also agree with us.

As Full Disclosure, We Do Think Our Fitness Ropes Are Specifically Super Sick.

Watch Our Home Movie Below & See Why.

The Benefits Of Battle Roping Vs Jump Roping

No matter what kind of rope fitness routine you try out, if you commit to it, you are going to be better off.

Now we are sure you may be asking whether a Battle Rope Workout or a Jump Rope Workout is better.

Whether that is actually what you are asking or not, it is the question we are answering now.

Check out this visual guide to battle rope exercises

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Both Jump Ropes and Battle Ropes are awesome. Both are good cardio exercises and both can easily fit into programs like high intensity HIIT workouts and Crossfit Routines.

If you use a Weighted Jump Rope, you also can get a great upper body workout from either type of Rope Fitness Routine, but we will get into those details a little later.

Benefits Of Battle Roping:

  • Burning Calories
  • Low Risk Of Injury
  • Building Arm Strength
  • Improving Your Core Stability
  • Excellent For High Intensity Workouts
  • Increasing Heart Rate And Blood Pressure Very Quickly
  • Doing Upper Body Routines Without Using Your Legs Can Help To Burn Away Stubborn Body Fat

Benefits Of Jump Roping:

  • Burns Fat & Calories
  • A Lower Impact Workout
  • Excellent Cardio Workout
  • Improves Cognitive Function
  • Fits Easily In High Intensity Workout Routines
  • Works Out Shoulders, Calves, Hamstrings, Quads, And Glutes
  • Has Been Shown To Yield Similar Results To Running In Less Time
  • Easy To Do In Almost Any Setting, Including Apartments & Smaller Homes
  • When Using Weighted Ropes, Jump Ropes Are An Excellent Arm & Upper Body Workout

If you are interested in seeing our Battle Rope, here it is. It is awesome.

What Kind Of Jump Rope Should You Get?

A couple months ago, our friends from Germany at Edelrid stopped by to talk about the line of Edelrid Products We Now Carry and they dropped off some jump ropes.

Our staff writer, Ryan, took one home and has been jumping rope at least five nights a week since. His downstairs neighbors don’t like him as much as they used to but he is getting way better at jumping rope.

Really, for a complete Rope Fitness Routine, you would be in the best place getting both at least one Weighted Rope and one Speed Rope (a traditional jump rope).

If you use a Weighted Rope and then switch to a Speed Rope, you will find that your endurance with the Speed Rope will be way better.

Advantages Of Weighted Jump Ropes:

  • Burns More Calories
  • A Heavy Upper Body Workout
  • Gives A Better Full Body Workout
  • Can Give Similar Results To Weight Lifting
  • Can Help Increase Endurance With Lighter Jump Ropes

One of the things that surprises people most is that Weighted Jump Ropes are actually really good for beginners. The movement that comes with a Weighted Rope is much slower, which can help train muscle memory. Weighted Ropes also almost force you to jump with better form and posture.

Advantages Of Speed Jump Ropes:

  • Ideal For Building Speed
  • Easily Portable And Can Be Used Pretty Much Anywhere
  • Can Offer More Variety In Routines, Including Doing Various Tricks
  • We’re Pretty Sure Rocky Used Speed Ropes- Pretending To Be Rocky Is Fun

We are not gonna play around and act like we have no skin in the game here. We sell a heavy-duty jump rope called the Little Monster that we think you may like.

The jump ropes we sell are not normal run of the mill hopscotch jump ropes.

They are not for wimps.

At 1” of diameter and made of heavy Dacron, these mofos are gonna straight up challenge you.

They are called Little Monsters but if you use them, your muscles are not gonna be little for very long.

You can also use the free workout guide that comes with it to make sure you are maximizing your results.

Should You Get A Battle Rope With Spliced Eyes?

The answer to that question really lies in what you plan on doing with that rope.

Eyes are useful if you are going to hook your Battle Rope up to weights, kettlebells, or other similar workout gear. If you are gonna be using the rope for indoor climbing, you may also hook it up to a fitness bar or squat rack in your place.

It’s certainly not a bad idea.

Anchoring a Battle Rope can help you increase slack in the rope which will improve your form and keep the rope more stable.

Where To Use Fitness Rope

If you are using a Battle Rope, you will need some space. Using one anchored Battle Rope rather than two at once will make finding your workout space easier.

A 50-55 foot rope is recommended for traditional battle rope exercises for its fluidity, but shorter ropes may be better for smaller spaces.

If you live in a smaller space, you may want to use your Battle Rope outside, in a backyard or at a park. Getting outside is nice and it will get you some extra Vitamin D anyay.

Jump Ropes can be used pretty much anywhere, especially if you are sticking to a Speed Rope. You may just want to warn your downstairs neighbor if you live on the second floor.

As we said before, Speed Ropes are also super portable, so you can throw them in a backpack or purse and take ‘em anywhere.

Weighted Jump Ropes may require a more specific workout space for indoor use but pretty much any outdoor space should be perfect.

It’s Smash Time. Now Destroy Your Phone With Your Bare Hands & Pick Up That Rope.

Nah - don’t really do that.

But you really should probably consider adding some fitness ropes to your life.

If you are halfway through the year, looking at your calendar and wondering what happened to those fitness goals you made in January, rope fitness routines may very well be your solution.

Get out there and get it.

The future version of you is in awesome shape and he is looking back at the right now you, wondering why you haven’t already started doing a rope fitness routine.

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