10 Lessons You Can Learn From Arborists

As rope specialists, particularly as a company that sells tree climbing rope and other arborist gear, we have learned a lot about arboriculture. Our interactions with the arborist community have shown us that there is a lot to learn from tree climbers.

We have compiled a list of ten pieces of wisdom that we have heard from arborists. Hopefully, you will find them as meaningful as we have!

1. Hard Work Pays Off

Arborists work hard every day on their jobs. One thing that we have heard over and over again is that this line of work is rewarding, not in spite of how difficult it can be, but rather because it is challenging. Tree Climbers often talk about how one of the things that they love about their work is that they can see the immediate results of their hard work.

2. Nature Should Be Respected

Sometimes folks may assume that people who do tree work are trying to alter nature. However, we often hear arborists talking about how important it is to respect nature and how this dictates how they approach their job. Especially in recent times, arboriculture has put a strong emphasis on using natural methods to help plants grow, as well as following the natural growth structures of trees when treating them.

3. Everything Looks Small From Greater Heights

It is not uncommon to hear tree guys (and gals) talk about how when they are working up high in trees, they are able to see the world from a completely different perspective. This can sometimes be a meaningful reminder that the problems we face in our day to day lives are not as significant as we make them out to be.

4. Do What You Love And You Will Never Work A Day In Your Life

To be honest, that saying is paraphrased from Mark Twain, who as far as we know never did any professional tree climbing. We would like to think that he climbed a few trees in his life, but that is a digression.

Tree folks will often tell you that they don’t feel like they are working when they are on the job. This notion that being passionate about your work will make most days enjoyable is one that speaks to us on many levels.

5. Find Friends Who You Can Depend On

When a guy (or gal) is up in the tree, their life literally depends on the folks who are down on the ground helping them out. This relationship is a constant reminder that the people you associate yourself with will impact the quality of your life profoundly.

Tree workers talk frequently about how they see their coworkers as a family. It is a great reminder that the people we see every day deserve respect and dignity.

6. Do The Job Right The First Time

In the world of tree work, if you do a poor or sloppy job, someone is going to have to fix it at some point. Excessive pruning, topping off trees, overuse of spurs, and careless cutting are all examples of poor quality work that can damage trees. In contrast, high-quality work results in healthy trees and easier work in the future.

7. Have Respect For Elders

A better arboriculture requires that people who are new to the field go out of their way to learn from old-timers. One of the more incredible things about this line of work is how many people continue climbing trees at an older age. Despite the physical demands of tree work, folks are able to stay in good shape and stick around because of their passion for the work.

8. Never Stop Learning

Tree climbing is a constantly evolving field. New types of rope and new climbing techniques make their way into arboriculture every year. This means that while old-timers are able to pass down knowledge to young guys (or gals), there is also a lot of value in new ideas and people coming up into the field.

9. Honesty & Integrity Will Earn Respect

The most respected tree workers will tell a client what they need to hear and not what they want to hear. Honesty between coworkers is also respected and keeps people safe. The tree folks who are honest with their clients, especially if they tell them honestly when a tree doesn’t need treatment, will find that their customers are more likely to come back to them or recommend their services to others.

10. The Environment Is Worth Saving

Going back to that notion that we talked about with respecting nature, people sometimes get the wrong idea about arborists. Most arborists have a passion for trees and in interacting with beautiful trees and other plants every day, they develop a reverence for the environment. As the field of tree work evolves, we see arborists constantly seeking out ways that they can help create a healthy ecosystem and healthy trees.

Finishing Up The Job

As you can see, there is a lot to learn from tree specialists and the world of arboriculture. One thing that we hope you take away from this article is that tree work is a noble profession that places value on hard work, integrity, and respect for nature and the environment. 

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