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Load Pro™ Synthetic Winch Rope

This highly versatile synthetic winch rope combines low stretch with high strength offering dependability and unsurpassed resistance to abrasion, sunlight and common chemicals. It has a melting point between 489-500° F and a loss of strength between 244-250° F. This high force polyester load rope is constructed from double braid polyester over polyester.

Ideal for:

  • winching
  • cable pulling
  • stringing
  • lifting
  • transmission lines


Part # Type Diameter Strength Construction Material Cover Finish Price  
1AP-120 Cable Pulling Rope 3/8” 5,000 lbs Double Braid Polyester Polyester White $127.05
1AP-160 Cable Pulling Rope 1/2” 11,000 lbs Double Braid Polyester Polyester White $225.75
1AP-200 Cable Pulling Rope 5/8” 17,000 lbs Double Braid Polyester Polyester White $368.55


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