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Factory Rope Shorts

U.S. Rigging Supply/Pelican Rope provides new industrial rope in shorter lengths than at retail. This provides you with high-quality rope at the fraction of the cost. These shorts are what we're left with at the end of a spool, so they are brand new, non-defective and identical to our other pulling rope. These shorter length ropes are ideal for practicing how-to splice, as well as industrial, utility, marine and general use.

Please Note: All factory short pulling rope colors are assorted and will be selected at random. Lengths range from 25 to 49', 50 to 74', 75 to 99', and 100 to 149', 150', and 200'.  

Part # Type Diameter Strength Construction Material Core Finish Price  
1AP-120* Factory Short 3/8” 5,000 lbs Double Braid Polyester Polyester Assorted $22.28
1AP-160* Factory Short 1/2” 11,000 lbs Double Braid Polyester Polyester Assorted $32.67
1AP-200* Factory Short 5/8” 17,000 lbs Double Braid Polyester Polyester Assorted $53.01


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