• Arborist Loop Sling

    Pelican Rope

    The Maniac™ Adjustable Loopie Sling

    $47.99 - $69.99

    SKU Diameter WLL Min. Length Max. Length Color A7PE2-16CY 1/2" 2,000 lbs 2' 6' Yellow A7PE2-20C1 5/8" 2,800 lbs 2' 7' Blue A7PE2-24C3 3/4" 3,500 lbs 2' 8' Green   Get Mind-Bending Girth Hitches Our Maniac Loopie Sling is a hollow...


  • Dead Eye Tree Sling

    Pelican Rope

    3/4" - Dead Eye Tree Sling


    Pelican’s tough yet durable dead eye tree sling has a large eye which is ideal for strap-hitching the sling with an addtional sling or carabiner. Made from 100 percent polyester, this 12 strand dead eye sling is urethane coated for abrasion...

  • 3/4" - Adjustable Ring Sling

    Pelican Rope

    3/4" - Adjustable Ring Sling


    Our newest rigging sling makes setting up easy with its powerful friction reducing  Aluminum Ring. The Double Helix is a low stretch, abrasion resistant line with maximum versatility. It’s variable eyes, large pockets for adjustment, and...

  • Sale
    Dead Eye Sling

    Pelican Rope

    3/4" - Arborist Dead Eye Sling

    $59.99 - $79.99

    Pelican’s dead eye slings and false crotch block slings maintain maximal quality and adaptability that arborists have come to anticipate from their ropes. This composite double braid dead eye sling is comprised of a polyester cover over nylon...



Pelican Rope is an ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturer of high performance synthetic and specialty rope products, rope lanyards, slings and custom rope assemblies. For over 40 years our devotion to innovation, quality and customer service has yielded a diverse UL Certified product line designed to not only meet or exceed the standards established by the Cordage Institute, the U.S. Military, ASTM and NFPA but more importantly, the expectations of our loyal customers in the commercial, industrial, arborist, fire and rescue, law enforcement, manufacturing and marine industries.

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